Five tips for an exhibitor to be successful at CES 2022

Are you Ready for the biggest tech event of the year? The CES 2022 is around the corner!


The Consumer Electronics Show (known as CES) is the world’s largest trade show for the consumer electronics industry and a lot more. Each year, over 170,000 attendees travel to Las Vegas early January to see the latest and greatest in tech at CES 2022

You’d be surprised to learn that many companies, especially startups, come back frustrated from the show. Why? They struggle to make their name known. To exhibit at CES is one thing, to capture the attention and maximize its presence and investment in a booth is another.

There are a lot of things to know, of course. Here are five main tips for exhibitors to make the show a good investment.

1- Prepare your CES ahead

The CES starts months ago your arrival in Las Vegas. In the period ahead of the event, start reaching out to potential clients and arranging appointments.
You would set media meetings too, so your presence is covered by the specialized press.
That way, you will be able to guarantee success before you even arrive to Las Vegas.

2- Customize your booth

People should be able to see your stand and want to stop over. Be sure to get your brand name visible from far away. Put a picture of your product and find a tagline that permits attendees to understand what your products are in a minute.

Many participants wander between the stands without an appointment. You want to grab their attention while ensuring a qualified lead.

3- Practice your elevator pitch

Build your pitch and practice it several times. The entire sales force on the stand must be able to
voice it in just 3 minutes.
It is also important to provide documentation on your product with your contact details; participants will leave with it, even if you are busy.
Also, prepare a media kit, which includes information about the company, your products, etc., with your PR contact.

4- Offer a Product Demonstration

Product demonstrations are a great way to attract a crowd to your booth. Above all, a
demonstration is worth a thousand words. Make sure you have a sufficient internet connection
and that the vendors know how to demonstrate.
Having the participant handle the product is a must, which you should operate if possible.

5- Communication, communication, communication

Brands spend a lot of money exhibiting at CES. However, they must spend triple to ensure the success of their CES 2022 operation.
It is therefore important to have enough people on the stand and to communicate.

Communication is key to the success of its participation. Brands will adopt visual communication
strategies. Brands will also invest heavily to create personalized content by influencers. This will
be a protection against consumers who fear brand-sponsored content.

Having a stand is not enough; boost the reach of your brand at CES 2022 by using the lever of digital communication!
And don’t forget to follow up on hot leads, promising prospects, or likely customers. Not doing it would mean the waste of the thousands of dollars you spent to be at CES!

Story by Olivier Laborde / / Mario Pawlowski contributed to this article